The command squad is a support commanding officer squad containing an assortment of Imperial Leaders, Medics, and Banner Bearers. Each leader within the squad has a separate role with one another in which, the command squad and other squads surrounding the Colonel get a mild boost with health regeneration (Medic), morale amplification (Banner Bearer), overall command squad health and morale boost (Sergeant), and a ridiculously large health boost (Ogryn Bone 'ead).

The Colonel alone is stronger than Imperial Lieutenants (without the Lieutenant upgrades) and relies on his command squad leaders to make this unit a very powerful combatant. Furthermore, unlike most other command squads and commanders (especially), Colonel's Command squad can capture Strategic Points! This gives the Imperial Guard an effective point capturing unit without taking major losses quickly like Conscripts or standard Guardsmen.

Tip: Lots of Ogryn Bone 'eads reinforced with the Colonel could make their health fly into the tens of thousands, making Ogryn Bone 'eads a must get leader unit for late game purposes.

Requires: Battle Command (Tier I)

Cost: 150 Req, 40 Power