The Hive Spire is the Tyranid HQ building. It appears at the beginning of the game, along with a ripper swarm, and commonly acts as the source of your first built unit. The Hive Spire continues to be important into the late game, as upgrades to it allows for technological advancement and additional builder units are required to sustain your forces, both of which can only be researched or created at the Hive Spire. Also, it's requisition output can help in the event of you losing many resource point, although several are necessary to reach acceptable resource generation.

Description Edit


Hive Spire In-Game (Tier 0)


Hive Spire In-Game (Tier I)

-Tyranids HQ Building

-Produces: Ripper Swarms and Genestealers

-Provides Upgrades for Ripper Swarms and Genestealers

Units Edit


Ripper Swarms

Upgrades Edit


Hive Spire In-Game (Tier II)

Genestealer Acclimitization I

Genestealer Acclimitization II

Genestealer Acclimitization III

Biomorph-Ripper Swarm Toxin Sacs

Biomorph-Ripper Swarm Leaping

Abilities Edit

Self-healing HQ

Other Info Edit

Costs: 1250 Requisition

Generates: +30 Requisition

Health: 5500

Morale: N/A


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