"The Emperor has abandoned us!"

The average lifespan of an Imperial Guardsman during a battle is approximately five minutes. Well, for a Conscript, five minutes is a definite improvement - these large squads consist of untrained and poorly armed "recruits", making them easy targets on the battlefield. What they lack in armor and firepower they make up for in numbers and low resource cost, making them quite dangerous en-masse.

Unit Summary Edit

Conscripts are the most basic foot soldier of the Guard's infantry. Though they deal out minuscule damage and can die rather easily, they are one of the cheapest units in the mod across all factions (except for Tyranid Spinegaunts) and can reinforce to a large squad number; up to 20 conscripts in unit, which allows to simply swarm lonely enemies and provide a good meatshield for more expensive and powerful squads. Conscripts have the option of a single upgrade: the addition of 2 Sergeants to their squad within Tier 1. At tier 4 the research send in the next wave makes them free to train (but not to reinforce) and increases the unit size by 10, this can be used to be a somewhat decent late game meat shield against late game infantry or melee oriented monsters like Daemon Princes and Carnifexes.

Abilites Edit

Upgrades Edit

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