Imperial Reaver Titan Edit

The most powerful Titan Unit for both the Imperial Guard and Imperium Space Marines is produced in the Titan Assembly Bunker and counts among the most powerful war machines in entire Imperium, compensating everything it lacks in flexibility and speed by sheer brute force and colossal armor, which lets it excel even among other Titans.

In case the Titan actualy meets its match in the matter of firepower, Adeptus Mechanicus enhanced it with Void Shields, adding the ability to deflect incoming physical damage as shield/morale damage up until the point when the shields go down. Even though the shield cannot withstand a lot of damage (compared to the massive armor of the Reaver itself), it should be enough to let the machine fire a couple of shots from safety, which will at least cripple the opposition and give other forces of the Imperium a chance to finish it off. Also, in order to ensure the absolute destruction of any enemy of the Imperium, Adeptus Mechanicus advises to upgrade Reavers with new Mega Melta cannons, designs of which were recently recovered from the archives on the Sacred Terra.

Upgrades Edit

Mega Melta: Edit

The Reaver titan can be upgraded with a Mega Melta which is extremely accurate and effective at taking down armored targets.

Abilities Edit

Apocalypse Missile Launcher Barrage: Edit

The Reaver titan is capable of unleashing a barrage of missiles that severely damages any infantry or vehicles in the way. Also, due to the long rage of this ability, it can be easily used as a substitute of an artillery strike.

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