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The Warhound Titan is a Scout class titan equipped with dual Vulcan mega bolters. The Warhound Titan is also the weakest class of the Imperial Titans, however it is also the quickest. Your best bet in using Warhounds is as vanguards for an attack. Send it ahead of your main force and have it find the enemy base where it can do a bit of damage before pulling it back. Warhounds are also ideal for hit and run tactics. It's default weaponry are Vulcan mega bolters which can shred infantry but there are upgrades; the double turbo laser which is great against vehicles but has a slower rate of fire and the plasma blast gun which is the highest upgrade. The good thing about the Warhound is that you can upgrade each arm eg one arm is equipped with a mega bolter while the other has a plasma blast gun, this makes the Warhound very flexible in dealing with varying enemies.

They are produced in the Titan Assembly Bunker.

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