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Perhaps the best super structure to get in the game, the great Kabal Citadel is a nightmare to kill for the enemy.

Unlike other super structures for most factions, the Kabal Citadel can defend itself with devastating weaponry. Hitting the foe from far ranges with its dark lance beams, and protecting all allied structures within the dreaded purple mist beneath, the Kabal Citadel can stand up to even a titan (if used right)! The super structure is able to relocate, able to cast devastating soul global abilities, and fire the Soul Tempest and Soul Cataclysm.

Be careful: The Kabal Citadel cannot be infiltrated. The Kabal Citadel will also become revealed on enemy radar (in single player games for now).

Statistics: Edit

Type: Structure (super)

Prerequisites: Tier IV

Costs: Roughly 5000/5000 req/power - (Plasma Generator amount x 50), 300 second build time.

Special abilities: Aura (50m), damages enemy units within area of affect with mild degeneration of health | All Seeing Eye (400 souls) | Eternal Agony (400 souls) | Corrosive Storm (500 souls) | Invulnerability Field (500 souls) | Long Range Bombard (800 souls)

Upgrades/Addons: Donation of Soul researches | Soul Cages which increase the effectiveness of the structure.

Other properties: Gets revealed on enemy radar | Is free to construct after the "Cities of Commorah" research is complete | Equipped with long range weapons, effective against most unit types.

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