Khorne Bezerker

Khorne Berzerker Edit

Khorne Bezerkers are a Heavy Infantry unit produced at the Chaos Temple at Tier 2 and when you've built the Sacrificial Circle.

Khorne Bezerkers are dedicated melee units, armed with chain axes and bolt pistols, and are effective against infantry and heavy infantry. They can be upgraded with a Skull Champion who is armed with a chainsword and bolt pistol (Which can be upgraded to a power axe and plasma pistol with the appropriate

research). Khorne Bezerkers are further buffed if one chooses the Mark of Khorne which increases their melee damage. Attaching a Chaos Icon Bearer with Mark of Khorne further adds to it. Making Khorne Bezerkers monsters in melee combat capable at destroying entire squads.

On the flipside, Bezerkers have a maximum squad size of four (not including Skull Champion). However with the correct research this can be raised up to 6 (not including Skull Champion). So with the Skull Champion and Icon Bearer, this goes up to eight units! Bezerkers are also quite slow so it's a good idea to put them in a transport or deepstrike them so they can get into battle safely. It's also a good idea to have ranged support as Bezerkers deal little ranged damage on their own.

Khorne Bezerker

Abilities Edit

RUN!!! Edit

Mark of Khorne Edit

-Causes nearby enemy units to flee for a short period of time.

Berzerk Fury Edit

Requires Skull Champion.

-Skull Champion works his squad into a killing frenzy

-Improves squad's resistance to attacks that damage morale

-Squad does more damage, but also takes more damage

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