Mr. Apocalypse aka Lord C. Edit

Cylarne is the creator of the Ultimate Apocalypse mod and did 90% of the work in it, like coding each and every single asset into game and then implementing the concept of all 12 races. Apocalyzing the factions from vanilla to Ultimate Apocalypse was a very long task but this guy did it. ^^

Cylarne also voiced for many units, created a bunch of FX and EVENT files, coded scar scripts, made maps, some videos, and was on the virge of finishing an abandoned campaign, to be remade new in the Grand Release Gold Edition. Lord Cylarne has made the Ultimate Apocalypse mod through nine major stages.

Version 0.1: The introduction of an Apocalypse monolith.

Version 1.0: The implementation of awesome. The very first version released to the public.

Version 1.6: The Ultimate Apocalypse begins, featuring the very first implementation of all FOK units and apocalyptic super structures / superweapons, titans, tier IV, and much more, even including a large audience. MOD DB approved in version 1.62.

Version 1.7: The Grand Release of 2012, including the all time long awaited release yet to come including a trailer and very, very massive and big amounts of content that will last for years.

Version 1.72 and 1.73: Major updates that revamps gameplay for all factions.

Version 1.8 (THB): The second to last Grand Release, involving once again Chaos Daemons, Inquisition Daemonhunters, and revamped skirmish.

Version 1.9 (Grand Release Gold Edition): Campaign and more to come!

Version 2.0: The leave of the developer and the completion of the mod.

To be continued...