Summary Edit

Moxy or his full title Lordgodkingemperorwarboss Moxy is one of the best sup com 2 players of our time schooling even Nathan when need be.A Ork enthusiast who is responsible for most of the Ork page on the wiki and the original moderator of the Smoothrunes live stream. Moxy is a key member of the smoothrunes community.

Catsquid Edit

His disciple Catsquid is responsible for the hatred of many towards dark Eldar faction. However catsquid is also a excellent RTS player and is feared by many when playing illuminate in sup com Though he is willing to do anything to win including blasting his team mates into oblivion.

Trivia Edit

  • His favourite faction is Da Orks
  • His least favourite faction is Space maroons
  • Catsquids favourite faction is Dark Eldar
  • Catsquids least favourite faction is Orks
  • Calls the universal colossus "bill"
  • His favourite colour is orange.take it when in game with him on punishment of swift justice(get reked by some assortment of rush/tactial spam).
  • Catsquid's species is currently unknown.