Primaris Psyker (Command Squad)

Requires Regimental Command (Tier I), Imperial Victory (Tier IV)

Cost: 500 Req, 200 Power

A powerful psyker with his own warp shields and a strong sword to boot. He sports the health and defense to stride into melee, augmented by his haste ability, but the true benefit is his ability to blast anything in a 30 meter wide radius with white bolts of pure warp energy at good damage and rapid fire rate. This disables movement and attacks for the psyker as all his effort goes into maintaining the barrage. This makes him a good addition in anti-armor purposes, or he can be used as a stationary base defense. He also have a decent ranged attack in case you don't want to risk melee. It is worth noting that each bolt costs 5 power, essentially making your power his ammunition when using the full extent of his psyker powers.