Unit Summary Edit

Powerful support units that harness the power of the warp itself with their fragile human minds which are prone to daemonic possession or simply exploding, but this chance is not too high.

Psykers serve as the first and cheapest detector unit the IG get's access to, therefore it's always recommended to keep at least one or two around for this role alone early in the game. As most support units it's wise to attach him to a squad since he is quite fragile. He doubles a squad's morale when attached.

Psykers are armed with a psychic spike (their version of a staff) and a laspistol, which prove to be adequate weapons for the psyker to defend himself with. At the end of the day It is his powerful abilities that makes him a force to be reckoned with. Out of all the support units the IG has the psyker is arguably the most versatile one.

Abilities Edit