Summary: Edit


Ravens Airborn is an aircraft unit. The Raven can jump to any location on the map and maneuvers very quickly. Is able to use a disruption device that will disable enemy defensive structures and production. Is a good unit against infantry and light armor.

Statistics: Edit

Type: Aircraft

Prerequisites: Tier 1 | 2 vehicle cap.

Produced from: Dark Foundary (Tier I)

Costs: 100 requisition | 150 power, 30 second wait time.

Effective against: Infantry | Light vehicles | Light structures

- Durability: 5 | Strength: 3.5 | Morale: Immune | Upgrades: 0 | Squad Size: Single | Movement Speed: Extreme | Sight: Good | Keen sight: None | Ability Strength: 2 | Weapon range: Standard | Capture Points: No.

Special abilities: Jumps to any location on the map | Can use its special ability to disable structure defenses.

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