Description Edit


Reclimation Pool In-game

-Needs to be built around Spore Chimneys

-Provides all Tyranid research [?] Boosts requisition Income [?] And allows production of the Hive Fleet

-KEY STRUCTURE!!! Build more Reclimation Pools so as to furhter increase the requisition income and allow the spawning of the hive fleet (After 20 are built) [?]

-Can also "Deepstrike" Ripper Swarms

Units Edit


Upgrades Edit

Biomorph-Strengthen Synapse Aura

Biomorph-Strengthen Toxic Miasma

Increased Power Income I

Increased Power Income II

Increased Power Income III

Increased Power Income IV

Abilities Edit


Other Info Edit

Cost: 150 Requisition

Generates: +15 Power

Health: 1000

Morale: N/A


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