Description Edit

The Shadowsword Titanicus is a dedicated Titan-Killer Variant of the Baneblade. It trades most of its armament for a Volcano-Cannon, which can take down most Titan Units in but a few shots, given their Void Shields are depleted or reasonably low enough for it to penetrate. Its secondary armament consists only of a few heavy bolters for a somewhat stable anti-infantry defense, although it is completely unreliable in terms of self-defence.

The Shadowsword fills a very small tactical niche as Titan-Counter and if used as such is very powerful, however it suffers even more from the general drawbacks of the Baneblade-Class - it is extremely slow, even for a Baneblade, very hard to manoeuver around, and in addition to that, has very slow firing rate. It also has a rather long setup time, but gives back a little with its long range and high damage output. It can also, to some degree, get used as a makeshift siege tank, but it's extremly slow firing speed and laughable secondary armament makes this a dangerous task.

Abilities Edit

Upgrades Edit

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