Description Edit

The Stormhammer is a super-heavy variant of the standard Baneblade chassis. It's almost double the cost and requires Tier IV Research before being able to be produced.

It is equipped with 4 twin-linked Battle-Cannons, as well as several heavy bolters and lascannons, and ecxels in crowd control roles, and performs arguably the same when used as a linebreaker, although it suffers from the same drawbacks as all other Baneblade's - it is slow, cumbersome, and always a priority target.

A Stormhammer costs almost twice as much as a regular Baneblade, but has a third more armor and can deal almost double the damage.

Abilities Edit

As all other Baneblades, the Stormhammer can Depp-Strike from any Mars Pattern Command it is garrisoned in and can make use of the RAM!!!-Ability.

Upgrades Edit

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