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Shas'la T'au Kais, a fire warrior and protagonist of the video game Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior

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Summary Edit

The Tau Empire are relative newcomers to the galaxy, but they have already managed to induct a few different species under their wing like the Kroot, Vespids, and even humans who have left the Imperium behind. Tau technology itself mainly focuses on battlesuits and ion cannon weaponry, but Kroot creatures can be deployed for vicious close quarters combat.

The Tau Empire rely on advanced fire power which means that they can be easily overwhelmed in melee but God help you if you find yourself in their sights.

Technology Tree Edit

Tau jpeg

Statistics: (WIP) Edit

TIER 0 Edit

UNITS: Earth Caste Builder | XV15 Stealth Suits | Fire Warriors | Pathfinders | XV22 Commander | Tetra Scout Speeder | Kroot Carnivores | Kroot Alphas

STRUCTURES: Cadre Headquarters | Tau Barracks | Kroot Shaping Center | Listening Post | Plasma Generator | Outpost (Turret) | Mine Field | Path to Enlightement (Leads to Tier I)

ADDONS: Fortified Position Add-on



UNITS: XV88 Broadside Battlesuit I XV25 Stealth Suits I XV30 Heavy Builder I Vespid Stingwings I Gun Drones I Sniper Drones I Devilfish Troop Transport I Piranha Skimmer I Remora Stealth Drone I Skyray Missile Gunship I

STRUCTURES: Vehicle Beacon | Guidance Beacon | Thermo Plasma Generator | Shrine of Mont'ka (Leads to Tier II) | Shrine of Kauyon (Leads to Tier II)

ADDONS: Heavily Fortified Position Add-on

RESEARCH: Target Lock | Feral Leap


UNITS: Kroot Hounds | Krootox | XV88 Broadside Shas'vre Elites | XV8 Crisis Battlesuit | XV89 Commander | XV89 Bodyguards | Drone Harbringer | Barracuda | Great Ethereal

STRUCTURES: Defensive Wall | Shield Generator | Coalition Center


RESEARCH: Missile Barrage | Teachings of Mont'ka (Tier III) | Teachings of Kauyon (Tier III)


UNITS: XV8 Sunfire Battlesuit | Hammerhead Gunship | Swordfish Gunship | Malo Gunship | Greater Knarloc | Kroot Alpha Knarloc Rider | Orca Transport



RESEARCH: Tier I Relics


UNITS: XV9 Hazard Suit | XV101 Riptide | XV202 Mako Titan | Manta



RESEARCH: Tier II Relics

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