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Unit Summary Edit

The iconic shepherds of the machines, these mechanicus builders have the advantage of building and repairing quicker than any other factions equivalent and also self repairs when idle. However, for an upgrade of merely 100 requisition and 50 power which is instantly available upon constructing a tactica control, these warrior-workers will receive a massive boost to attack power, health, and building and repair speed, essentially turning them into terminator builders. A group of these can overwhelm an infantry squad with little difficulty unless elite squads specifically made to kill infantry. When massed in maximum numbers, they will even pose a danger to relic infantry units such as saints. If you're planning to quickly take and fortify points, then bringing a few of these along (upgraded) is a good idea since they will greatly help in repelling infantry until you can bring in anti-armor units. Especially once they start gaining veterancy. Due to their insane stats, they can repair fortifications in the face of firepower that would make the same task impossible for any other faction, compounding the already impressive defensive capabilities of the Imperial Guard.

Unit Info Edit

Cost: 85 Req, 0 Power

He can Bolster Defenses in order to take less damage.

He can also use Frag Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Flashbang Grenades and Krak Grenades if the required researches has been completed.