Summary: Edit

The Archon is the primary commander of the Dark Eldar. Like all other factions, the Archon in this case since he is a primary commander can be upgraded with hero research (which increases his

overall effectiveness) and his personal wargear. The Archon has various special abilities both effective against infantry and vehicles. The Archon's power also grows depending on the amount of Incubus Coven fielded and can even be granted more abilities through research from structures. The Archon is one of the toughest primary commanders, ranked at #5.

Statistics: Edit

Type: Commander (Primary)

Prerequisites: None

Produced from: Hall of Blood (Tier 0)

Costs: 280 requisition, 50 power, 50 second build time

Effective against: Infantry, Heavy Infantry, commanders, vehicles (when upgraded), monstrous creatures (when upgraded), morale (when upgraded)

- Durability: 4 | Strength: 5 | Morale: 5 | Upgrades: 10 + Hero Wargear | Squad Size: Single | Movement Speed: Standard | Sight: Good | Keen sight: 2m | Ability Strength: 3 | Weapon range: Short | Capture Points: No.

Special abilities: RUN!!! | Portable Explosive (Level 8) | Melta Bomb | morale draining aura (10m) | Summon Soul Portal (Level 5) | Animus Vitae | Crucible of Malediction

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