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    Ultimate Apocalypse Mod

    News - Until THB Release

    We have a new Wiki page!

    Thanks to Jordan Lane aka Smoothrunes, a Wikipedia was established roughly two weeks ago and the Wikipedia page is a good place to go to look up anything and everything about the Ultimate Apocalypse mod! It has forums, it has pages of interest, it has videos, screenshots, and tons more! So this is a newly created webpage. The page is under construction and we need your help finishing it!

    We are currently seeking Wiki help!

    There is a bunch of content, loads of it that the Ultimate Apocalypse mod contains that needs to be implemented on the Wiki. We need your help to add content to this web page. Feel free to contribute anything to the wiki. A sentence, a comment, an image? Maybe an entire page of statistics about a unit or an ability? ANYTHING! We welcome all contribution, and treat this website like it would be your own.

    Post on our wiki page all of your thoughts, suggestions, and most importantly, stats. of units or anything about the factions that you like to see pasted here on the wiki! Any feedback welcome. :)

    Its contents provide:

    • Chaos Space Marines (10% done)
    • Chaos Daemons (1% done)
    • Dark Eldar (40% done (Is to be completed by Lord Cylarne, nobody touches))
    • Eldar (10% done)
    • Imperial Guard (25% done)
    • Inquisition Daemonhunters (1% done)
    • Necrons (10% done)
    • Orks (35-55% done)
    • Space Marines (10% done)
    • Sisters of Battle (1% done)
    • Tau Empire (25% done)
    • Tyranids (1% done)

    [1][2][3][4] [5][6] [7][8]

    So come join us fill in the blanks! Here is the link to all factions.

    Eranthis Aconite has a new UA mod addon installed on MOD DB!

    Eranthis Aconite, the creator of the Chaos Dreadnought VO, Chaos Sorceror Lord VO (Also Greyloc), Commissar Cadets VO (Also Jazz Sandwhich), Stormhammer VO, Plague Marines VO (also Jazz Sandwhich), Noise Marines VO (also Jazz Sandwhich), and much more has made several icons for the Necrons which are worth the download! Just look at them all...


    Easy to install and a must get!

    In Other News:

    Do not discuss or ask for release dates:

    Here is why:

    1. If a promised release date is given and does not come out, the hype will be for nothing.
    2. Time Zones. If a date was to be scheduled on say, the 19th, and it is the 20th in your area, this will make confusion on the other side of the planet.
    3. We have no idea when the mod will be released. Mods are time consuming, and large projects like this will take time to polish and make a wonderful release out of.
    4. We are remaking and implementing two fully functional new factions from scratch!!!
    5. We are revamping the skirmish gameplay completely in the THB Grand Release.
    6. We are revamping the AI completely in the THB Grand Release.
    7. Mods take time to make. Less people demanding, the more the creator is inspired to work on the mod.
    8. Keep these 7 reasons in mind the next time you want to ask for release dates...

    Mod Progress

    Going well. We have 5 major things to do (Will take the longest time):

    • Finish Tyranids AI
    • Finish Eldar AI
    • Finish Dark Eldar AI
    • Finish Inquisition Daemonhunters faction.
    • Censored and private information.

    We have 3 moderate things to accomplish (Moderate amount of time):

    • Chaos Space Marines AI completion
    • Tyranids faction polished gameplay
    • Continuation of bug hunting and play testing

    Final things to accomplish (Quick):

    • Overmassive bug fixing / suggestions applied
    • Test overmassive fixing

    Then release. Don't ask when.

    A clarification of what the difference is between 1.74 and THB

    Okay, so I also got a lot of people saying, "What is 1.74?" | "What is THB?" | "What is the difference between them?" Well here it is, gents!

    Version 1.74 will not ever exist. It was supposed to be a patch for version 1.73.9 that will be fixing a lot of things of the 1.73 release. It was cancelled due to the fact that a large margin of people wants to wait for the all time upcoming "The Hunt Begins" Grand Release.

    THB is the next Grand Release. NOT A PATCH. It stands for "The Hunt Begins" and it will include two new factions on top of an overall improved skirmish gameplay interface. It has been worked on in private development for a little over a year now, and it has been worked on that long for several reasons: To include skirmish, AI, and two new faction overhaul. This will also be added to the FAQ.

    A gist of what we can promise you THB will bring:

    • Inquisition Daemonhunters
    • Chaos Daemons
    • New advanced AI for all races, including but not limited to: improved competence and for some races, tactics the player may not expect.
    • AI relic unit and titan fielding error is fixed
    • Some AI with multiple strategies
    • More strategies will be applied to all AI after the THB releases (patches as there is not enough time)
    • Way improved build order + build base strategies
    • Less AI city building (less structures fielded until they get loads of resources)
    • All other factions receive new content
    • All other factions receive greater and better polish better than 1.73 version factions
    • Better gameplay
    • More encouragement of capturing Strategic Points + Critical Locations especially
    • More balance
    • Changed up music
    • Changed up and fixed main mod theme
    • New extended gameplay
    • Less spamming of relic units and titans
    • Elite units cost more, especially more required population
    • Relic units cost more
    • Changed up relic resource in general
    • More winconditions
    • More maps
    • Fixed winconditions
    • More abilities
    • More units
    • More structures
    • More research
    • More addons
    • More races
    • More fun

    Now let us talk about the THB release:

    THB stands for "The Hunt Begins". It is a grand release of 2015, not a patch, and the version number will be much different than 1.74, we're talking around version 1.8. The Hunt Begins is all about the Inquisition Daemonhunt versus the evil and twisted Chaos Daemons! All factions will receive new content, and there will be so much added to it, that took us over a year (almost) to achieve.

    We know we said that THB would not take too long to get released, but fortunately, it is another 1.73 release as it is BIG, and even includes two new factions to play! All races were further polished and made nicely, plus what THB will bring is pretty much finished skirmish and is the last and final skirmish overhaul. It is official.

    Version 1.73 was supposed to be skirmish overhaul and final, but then over time, we realized the flaws of most factions, and so THB revamps them to an all new and fun style. We know you will like all factions, at least better than 1.73, and we hope to continue the campaign after this! :D So THB release, full skirmish overhaul with two new factions. FUN! NExt grand release afterwords? Campaign and stuff. We'll see how it goes.

    Keep in mind THB grand release will not be perfect. There will be bugs to fix afterwords like 1.73 release, and we hope to continuously patch it and patch it just like 1.73 versions. Only this time, you guys will have everything, so whatever we offer, you guys get immediately! :D - A clarification of what THB is.


    - Will be released here:

    When? Before March 20th.

    In other news:


    Is now officially our new logo and will be displayed everywhere possible upon the THB release. We are very glad to replace our old logo, and very soon, this will be applied as our official UA mod logo! You can see more details here:

    or click on the image itself above!!!

    We are doing the contest again, and we already have three other logo participants willing to publish their items in the future! You can be one of them! ;)

    ===We cannot wait to see the THB release at last! Sorry it took us a while to post the news.===

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    • Maybe it's a little late, but the other day flipping through an old White Dwarf saw a battle report that appeared in the apocalypse zombies everywhere. Could you add a mode / option for events occurring during the battle apocalyptic ( zombies , meteorites, appearance of demons , plagues of slavers ... ) ? Come on, that would be absolutely great !!!!!
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