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    Ultimate Apocalypse Mod

    News - Until THB Release part 2!

    Ultimate Apocalypse News - THB03:02

    Ultimate Apocalypse News - THB

    Video News Above:

    Mod Progress

    Going well. We have 1 major thing to do (Will take the longest time):

    • Finish Inquisition Daemonhunters faction.

    We have 3 moderate things to accomplish (Moderate amount of time):

    • Continuation of bug hunting and play testing

    Then release. Don't ask when.

    Edit: May 5th, 2015:

    Lord Cylarne (creator of UA mod speaks): Well. :D Looks like I wanna do a 200 subscriber special!! This... is unexpected, awesome, motivating, I feel blessed, and I mostly want to thank YOU, each and every single person for watching my videos, and especially for those who subscribed!

    I mean here I was less than two weeks ago working my butt off trying to achieve just 100, and it took me a month to do. I was expecting... not this and it is remarkable. I was expecting to get 200 subs in two months, 300 in three months, etc. but I come on today and I AM FULL OF JOY!

    Thank you guys for enjoying (at least some) of my content. I dunno what to post for my 200 subs special because I thought I'd not get there this month so I didn't really put any thought into it, but, I'll think of something...

    But yeah anyway, I'll shutup now. Again thanks for 200 subs!

    THB release and what it is:

    THB stands for "The Hunt Begins". It is a grand release of 2015, not a patch, and the version number will be much different than 1.74, we're talking around version 1.8. The Hunt Begins is all about the Inquisition Daemonhunt versus the evil and twisted Chaos Daemons! All factions will receive new content, and there will be so much added to it, that took us over a year (almost) to achieve.

    We know we said that THB would not take too long to get released, but fortunately, it is another 1.73 release as it is BIG, and even includes two new factions to play! All races were further polished and made nicely, plus what THB will bring is pretty much finished skirmish and is the last and final skirmish overhaul. It is official.

    Version 1.73 was supposed to be skirmish overhaul and final, but then over time, we realized the flaws of most factions, and so THB revamps them to an all new and fun style. We know you will like all factions, at least better than 1.73, and we hope to continue the campaign after this! :D So THB release, full skirmish overhaul with two new factions. FUN! NExt grand release afterwords? Campaign and stuff. We'll see how it goes.

    Keep in mind THB grand release will not be perfect. There will be bugs to fix afterwords like 1.73 release, and we hope to continuously patch it and patch it just like 1.73 versions. Only this time, you guys will have everything, so whatever we offer, you guys get immediately! :D - A clarification of what THB is.

    In Other News:

    Do not discuss or ask for release dates (even though it might be coming this month of May):

    Here is why:

    1. If a promised release date is given and does not come out, the hype will be for nothing.
    2. Time Zones. If a date was to be scheduled on say, the 19th, and it is the 20th in your area, this will make confusion on the other side of the planet.
    3. We have no idea when the mod will be released. Mods are time consuming, and large projects like this will take time to polish and make a wonderful release out of.
    4. We are remaking and implementing two fully functional new factions from scratch!!!
    5. We are revamping the skirmish gameplay completely in the THB Grand Release.
    6. We are revamping the AI completely in the THB Grand Release.
    7. Mods take time to make. Less people demanding, the more the creator is inspired to work on the mod.
    8. Keep these 7 reasons in mind the next time you want to ask for release dates...

    Ultimate Apocalypse Downloads:

    ==Click here!==

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