Summary: Edit

The Dark Eldar's titans such as a Tormentor comes in two variants. One is dedicated melee combat, the other is dedicated ranged combat.

Tormentor OE Final

Both Tormentors: Edit

The Tormentor and Tormentor Assault Titans are the only titans in the game that can use personal stealth (infiltration). They can attack while undetected (unless assaulting against infantry) and have lots of shield strength to make up for their lack of health. Both Tormentors have their strengths and weaknesses, and at points if used right, they can be more overwhelming than even a Reaver Class Titan. They both can use a tracking device to hunt for infantry or monstrous creatures.

Tormentor Assault Titans: Edit

This titan variant is equipped with melee superiority weapons and a Greater Dark Lance, capable of wiping out commanders and infantry with ease, followed by ranged support used to weaken vehicle units. In melee combat, the Tormentor leaches health from its victims as well, making this titan one of the most feared melee titans ingame, effective against most unit types. The Tormentor Assault Titan is also equipped with an ability only applied to the assault variant which allows this titan to instantaniously regenerate all shields.

Tormentor Titans (Ranged): Edit

These Tormentor variants are equipped with a "beefed up" Greater Dark Lance and a "nerfed" melee combat weapon. Doing a lot more damage from ranged combat, the Tormentor Titan focuses on taking down armored targets and less effective against commanders or swarms of infantry. The Tormentor Titan is also equipped with a Laser beam, dealing extra damage to all unit types, including super structures. This Tormentor on the other hand compared to the assault titan can attack without being detected, while the assault titan has to switch to ranged combat in order to not be detected all the time.

Statistics: Edit

Type: Titan

Prerequisites: Technically none

Produced from: Corrupted Websail (Tier IV)

Costs: 2120 requisition, 4800 power, 1000 souls, 187 second build time.

Effective against: Armored targets (Tormentor) | Infantry, morale, commanders, monstrous creatures (Assault)

- Durability: 4 | Strength: 5 | Morale: 5 | Upgrades: 2 + Hero Wargear | Squad Size: Standard | Movement Speed: Standard | Sight: Good | Keen sight: 2m | Ability Strength: 0 | Weapon range: Short | Capture Points: No.

Special abilities: RUN!!! | Tracking Device | Able to infiltrate | Soul (Void) Shields (3000 + donation of souls research) | Rekindle Rage (Assault)

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