Good ol' Trentin.

Can't ever beat Lord Cylarne of the Apocalypse in any scenario and wishes to get his revenge. Unfortunately, his dish is best served cold at a pace of a Necron Flayed One... and much slower. Trentin is a good player who at least builds units unlike Jordan and can dominate with his ultimate Chaos Daemons and greater daemon spam. He likes to use Horror artillery units and finish his foe off with the Greater Daemon Prince (and of most recently his new toy: The Greater Brass Scorpion). He has fielded Primarch Angron 3 times now and likes to use OP Fire Dragons whenever he gets 'em. He is not to be underestimated...


- He helps the developers out in fixing bugs and points out what is OP or UP.

- Demonstrates good behavior and is a very fun person to talk to even if you just chill and stay in a call without talking. He likes munchies.

- Has a cool avatar.

- Has the most excellent random speeches ever.

- Single. He's up for grabs.

- Can model.


- Ryan.

- OP units... he'll use them.

- Not loud like Nathan.