Jordan Lane or Smooth-runes on twitch is responsible for most live streams of UA and now is bringing you guys pre-release game play of the mod via live-stream.

Because of this we ask for you consideration for before asking any question involving the mod's future,release dates upcoming units etc.Those are for Lord Cylarne to tell you when he wants too.

What ever Jordan says is law and don't argue with Ryan or Moxy (Bombboy221) as moderators as they speak on Jordan's behalf as he is most likely providing the content that you are here to enjoy any way. Also Cylarne as the creator of the mod as the right to stop the streams if you are being disrespectful.

Until further notice timeouts will be handed out after a single warning(per person)for the following.

Please excuse any of the Nadwar/tghwar family and or bird.if we wait long enough they will adopt a pig.

  • Release dates
  • Asking to see Imperial Demon Hunters
  • While the chat is allowed to suggest what factions you want for Jordan to plays as if it turns to demanding that will earn a ban as it is Jordan's live-stream.
  • Disrespecting the Mods or Jordan and Other members of the Skype group except Andrew.