Summary: Edit

Dark eldar warrior by demon551-d79lc38

Warrior squads are the basic ranged units of the Dark Eldar, effective against infantry. Warriors can be reinforced in a squad of 6 + squad leader and can further be increased in size by the "Squad Size" research, marked within the Wych Cult Arena structure. Warriors can also be upgraded with Dark Lances and Splinter Cannons, to further improve the range and effectiveness against either vehicle units or infantry.

Statistics: Edit

Type: Infantry

Prerequisites: None

Produced from: Hall of Blood (Tier 0)

Costs: 200 requisition, 18 second build time

Effective against: Infantry

- Durability: 3 | Strength: 3 | Morale: 3 | Upgrades: 2 | Squad Size: Standard | Movement Speed: Standard | Sight: Standard | Keen sight: 2m | Ability Strength: 3 | Weapon range: Standard | Capture Points: Yes.

Special abilities: RUN!!! | Terrorfex Grenade | Corrosion Grenade | Anti Grav Grenade | Foot On Fire

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