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Whirlwinds, like the rest of the Space Marine forces, are mobile and can swiftly redeploy when needed. Whirlwinds are best used from afar due to the long range of their missile launcher. A trio of Whirlwinds can easily disrupt an enemy force as they lay down a barrage of missiles that send enemies flying. Be careful though, Whirlwinds can hurt your troops too so make sure your forces aren't in the targeting area of whirlwinds, you can also counter this by putting the Whirlwind stance to ceasefire. To take maximum advantage of the Whirlwind's long range, have a turret nearby equipped with a probe to reveal the map, or you could do this with a deep strike beacon. To keep Whirlwinds safe from enemy attack, place them on high areas like cliffs or roof top.

They are produced in the Machine Cult.

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